What is Chinese Herbs?

In the course of your treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may be prescribed an herbal supplement. Herbs are a variety of naturally found products having medicinal properties and add to the healthful benefits of acupuncture and traditional Chinese treatments.

Herbal formulas can be taken in a variety of ways. You may be prescribed raw herbs. You will take them home, and following simple instructions, steep these herbs into a tea to be drunk at home. Although we call it "tea," some patients find the taste to be a little less than "delicious." For this reason, many practitioners also offer herbal supplements in pill and capsule form. Herbal formulas tend to be created for a single patient and their specific pattern of disharmony. Chinese herbs are very gentle medicine, with almost no side effects if used properly.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ?

TCM has been developing for more than four thousand years in China with its own theories, concepts and systems. The main treatment methods of TCM include meridian acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tuina, a Chinese-style massage.

TCM approaches patients in a different way from conventional Western medicine by dealing with the whole person and root problems instead of focusing on individual syndromes alone.

For example if a patient has insomnia, fatigue, constipation, depression, and chronic low back pain, a Western physician may consider that the patient has a digestive system problem, spinal or low back muscular problem, and nervous system problem. The patient may be referred to a stomach specialist, back specialist and nervous system specialist where each symptom will be treated separately from each other.

In TCM these seemingly different syndromes may be diagnosed as the "imbalance of inner organs of the body" which is the root of all the symptoms. The TCM treatment will focus on bringing "balance" back to the inner organs, and when achieved the symptoms will subside. Treatment with TCM is a very gentle medicine with almost no side effects if properly administered by a TCM trained doctor.

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